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By Geoff • November 4, 2011 • Filed in: Undersea Novel

Undersea is the best-selling sci-fi action-adventure novel by Geoffrey Morrison.

In a world flooded and irradiated by a nearlyUndersea by Geoffrey Morrison forgotten cataclysm generations passed, all that remains of civilization clings to life in two war-torn, city-sized submarines.
For fifty years, the only peace between them has come from separation.

Now, young councilwoman Ralla Gattley has uncovered mysteries that will bring these two factions face-to-face, setting in motion events that will forever change their undersea world. Along the way she meets Thom Vargas, a bored fisherman and aspiring drunk who merely wants to climb one rung on the social ladder. Little does he know that single step may well put the fate of the world in his hands.

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Cover illustration and design by Clara Moon.

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